Borders & Gates, with its Management team, represents an incubation & acceleration programs; that operates both virtually and physically and is built on a well-defined business model of funding and investing.

Acceleration Program

The acceleration program qualifies the startups to use various resources such as mentorship, marketing study, feasibility study, technical consultation, new sales channels, and financing.

Accordingly, financing startups will be supported to improve how they are presented, pitch it in front of a network of investors, and get valuable feedback to the startup. In case there is an interest, the founders will get a direct call from the investor. The acceleration program provides a non-exclusive contract to startups, in other words, entrepreneurs can still raise funds on their own.

Why I should join the acceleration program ?

Mentorship: World Class professional Mentorship

Consultation: Get direct, honest and constructive feedback in business aspects like legal, marketing, finance, and technical.

Documented Guidelines: Entrepreneurs are heavily supported by marketing study, feasibility study, product’s road map, startup valuation, and business plan.

Network: Our huge network exposes the entrepreneurs and their ideas to various opportunities among investors, mentors, and market access facilitators.

Finance: Entrepreneurs joining our acceleration program are qualified for multichannel funding based on a unique model of co-founding co-funding.

What happens after a company is accelerated ?

  • Internal Review & Study
  • Communication with Investors
  • Interested investor/s are linked directly with Entrepreneurs
  • Frequent feedback and support are offered at different stages

Incubation Program

The goal is to help non-technical entrepreneurs build a successful technical startup, thereby allowing the start-up founders to focus on other key areas in the business, such as refining their products/services, focusing on business development, sales, and other important non-technical aspects. The incubation program is also open for technical entrepreneurs who don’t have a full team to build the product.

Via a unique concept of co-founding co-funding the incubator will become a technical co-founder for the startup and will build its products from A-Z. Also, will be ready to invest 50% (or in some cases more) of the capital needed and invest in the startup (even from the idea stage). Definitely, acting as a co-founder is not limited only to development but rather thinking about the startup, its market, products, and how to improve the chances of the startup to be successful and generate income.

Why I should join the incubation program ?

Acceleration Program benefits: Incubated startups have all the benefits of the acceleration program.

Co-funding: Get ready to be funded up to USD 2 million that worth up to 50% of the idea.

Technical cofounding: Never worry about technical expertise or the team that will bring the idea to life. Incubated ideas are supported technically in terms of web design, web development, mobile application, and clouding. Simply, if you have a technical background but working solely or have no technical background also your idea will come to life.

Access to Capital: Being incubated means securing your first Investor. If you as an entrepreneur want to pitch an investor from your own in your share it is totally your choice.

Mentorship: Mentors are assigned as per their expertise along with the relevant industry and project stage.

Access to Business Resources: The feasibility of having the access to business resources is never known except to are deeply involved in their projects. It is really a time-saver to have support among the fields of Accounting, HR, Marketing, Legal, Business Development, and PR allows entrepreneurs to fully focus on product development and end up with a practical and consumer-friendly product.


When shall I contact you?

The earliest. Although ideas with MVP-Minimum Viable Product have a better chance still the idea is the main determinant.

How I get accepted?

  1. Briefed and straight to the point Executive Summary
  2. Very Clear Business Plan
  3. Ability to pitch your business idea in ten minutes (Recorded Video – Conference Call)

It is very simple and easy “If you want to earn our attention you have to offer yours in return

” Offer attention to the proposed requirements, be ready, be enthusiastic, understand your idea, understand your product, and we will take care of the rest.

  1. For the Incubation Program entrepreneurs these points are required:
    1. Co-Founding Principal: The ability to allow the incubator to develop the whole technical product through its internal development team
    2. No-Cash principle: The incubator (co-investor) company will not give entrepreneurs cash funding. Instead, will provide technical development needed for the startup in exchange for equity.
    3. Co-Funding principle: The incubator will invest usually 50% and could be increased but never 100%. The entrepreneur should secure the other 50% either through angel investors, government funds, or savings. Never the full amount.
    4. Fair equity principle: The incubator would like to receive 20%-40% equity in the startup in the incubation program. Besides the 50% investment, other free services are provided like market study, feasibility study, and other legal services that would usually amount to USD 75k – USD 125k per startup.

Startup Mentorships

Mentorship never ceases to help in the development phase, Startups can have a hard time pumping at first where our role here comes in handy.

Finding a startup mentor is a step in the right direction for your startup to move to the next level. As an entrepreneur, you need a  startup mentorship to provide you with a valuable resource in building a strong foundation for your business.

Starting a business can be tough, more so if you’re doing it alone. It takes a huge commitment and a knack for innovation to build a startup from scratch. The good news is that you don’t have to be on your own on this journey.


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