Business Consultation

In this vast growing and dynamic business world, businesses aiming long term presence must be in control of their operations. Never accept failing even with the lowest percentages because we all know that accepting minor cracks.

Corporate Professional Services

Setting up a business may seem like a routine for entrepreneurs and investors, in which majority of new start ups do not give attention which as per our experiences lead to unexpected legal obstacles and delays.

Financial Advisory

Finance was and will be always the art of numbers. Despite the standards in which businesses from all over the globe adopted under IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards but it plays as a guideline and digging deep into details every and each company.


Borders & Gates through its Management Team represents an incubation and acceleration programs that operates both virtually and physically and was built on an interesting business models of funding and/or investing.

Human capital Management

Head hunting is a process of recruitment of a prospective employee, who is working elsewhere and who has a relevant work experience for a particular job profile. Head hunting is carried out by the HR of a company or is outsourced to an agency or job consultant.

Digital Marketing plays a crucial role in transforming our everyday lives, impacting the way we interact with our surroundings and altering our decision-making habits.

We understand the core role marketing plays in any organization, that`s why we offer you our digital marketing service, We Study your needs, your targeted audience, and your market to set the right strategy that achieves your business goals.

Forex Trading


 Zoho Books & Foodics integration are now available at Borders and Gates marketplace
Now you can stop worrying about data synchronization, Stop wasting time manually synchronizing your Zoho books with your Foodics. our new seamless integration makes it easy with just one click.

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