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 Zoho Books & Foodics integration are now available at Borders and Gates marketplace
Now you can stop worrying about data synchronization, Stop wasting time manually synchronizing your Zoho books with your Foodics. our new seamless integration makes it easy with just one click.

• You can avoid manually recording the daily sales because it will be automatically recorded in Zoho book once the cashier representative makes a sale
•  An identical database that is as accurate as possible which makes it easier to find information and name things
•  Separating the restaurant or cafe staff from managerial accounting staff makes auditing and reviewing easier on a remote basis or outdoors without reaching the inside for data collection.
•  No more duplication anymore in recording transactions, which reduces time and effort for more daily productivity.

Foodics Integration

Foodics & Zoho books Integration will Save time& money through data synchronization, you’ll get more accurate and timely data that will help you grow your business. Stop thinking about your accounting system and focus on your restaurant’s success.


Implementation involves using digital technologies to remake a process to become more efficient or effective. The idea is to use technology not just to replicate an existing service in a digital form, but to use technology to transform that service into something significantly better.

In this Digital Age, it is a must that all businesses transform to Digital Technology among all the business aspects to cope with the latest practices that bring real value to stakeholders not only customers.

The process of Implementation is variable from one business to another even in the same industry. Actually, It is like a fingerprint different and unique.

Clouding, Big Data, Analytics, AI, and the IoT act as a need and a cause for Digital Transformation in which they are part of the bigger picture, not the whole picture.

A well-planned tailored map of implementation is crucial to prevent massive losses in the future. As every mile towards the execution of digitalization is worth a hundred miles in applying.

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