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Borders & Gates

Dubai Office

Address: Office 4101, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Phone: +971 547 806 600

Alexandria Office

Adress: 12 Al-Lawa Mahmoud Hamdi Khattab, Fouad Street, Sharqi
Alexandria – Egypt
Phone: +20 102 789 8644

Email :

People and Organization

It makes sense to make the appropriate investments in people as they are your most valuable asset. We collaborate with businesses across all sectors to make leaders more motivating, managers more competent, front-line staff more receptive to customer requirements, and organizations better prepared to meet a variety of talent needs.

We combine cutting-edge training with original research on effective leadership to help everyone achieve their full potential. This allows you to concentrate on the primary tasks while cutting out the insignificant ones.

A significant competitive advantage can be provided by your company’s culture. If you get it right, you will increase revenue, EBIT growth, and total shareholder return, giving you a competitive edge that is difficult for rivals to match.

We’ll assist you in identifying the parts of your business that are currently best suitable for Agile, assembling the appropriate team, and training them on every aspect of the Agile methodology.  Together, we’ll create a replicable framework that will accelerate the transition from a single team or small group of teams to an agile company, driving your growth.

  • Leadership and Talent
  • Operating Model Design
  • People Strategy
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